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It is our dream and mission at  Rosie‚Äôs Ranch to provide a family centered atmosphere where children with deafness or oral language challenges will expand their listening, verbal & reading skills by engaging in activities with horses and their neighborhood friends, under the guidance of a highly trained and qualified staff, in a welcoming and supportive mainstream setting.

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Rosie's Ranch is an IRS accredited charity with 501(c)3 status. Donations are tax-deductible, following IRS guidelines. Click the button below to donate.

Diego with Riley Jane at 'Cross the Meadow Farm while Rosie's Ranch was under construction.

Meet Mary Mosher-Stathes                                            

Mary Mosher-Stathes, has two passions in life: spending time with her horse, Rose, and teaching deaf children to communicate. In April 2010, Mary bought a horse ranch in Parker, Colorado, in order to merge her two passions. She and a dedicated board and group of volunteers are creating a family-centered, authentic Western atmosphere, where children with deafness or other oral language hurdles can expand verbal and reading skills through equine connections.

Mary has dedicated 32 years to educating deaf children and helping them learn to speak. She has received numerous state-wide and national awards for her work, including the 2007 Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year Award. 


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