On Sundays we have Individual and Family Opportunities to volunteer on the Ranch.  From 1:00 - 4:00 pm most Sundays. We ask that you meet with Mary before volunteering. We do have a few volunteer forms to complete. We also ask that you call the Saturday before you are planning to come. This ensures that we will be on the premises an can make the necessary arrangements with other potential events. The best number to call is 720.851.0927

Summer Day Camp: We are looking for summer day camp counselors! We offer several options. Monday - Friday 7am - 1pm or 7am -4 pm, whole weeks, or certain days. We need art activity counselors as well as horse experienced leaders. We will be having our training class in April 2018. 

Parent and Tot: We are looking for helpers most Saturday's May - September 2018 from 7:00am to 11:00am. We need help with walking ponies around with children 1 - 5 years old,  as well as activities helpers. 

Annual Work Days:  

We host several Annual Work Days a year. Usually one in the spring, one in the fall and sometimes one in the winter months. We encourage schools, girls scouts, boy scouts, families, individuals, community groups, employers, and other organizations to participate. This is also a great team building opportunity. 

We have some tools to aide in volunteer work, however ask that if you are able to please provide your own tools, and gloves. This way we can ensure everyone has enough tools to complete the jobs. 

We do ask that you wear weather permitting clothes, closed toed shoes or boots, and bring a water bottle.

High School Volunteer Hours:

We are available for High School Volunteers Hours  school requirements. You would need to call the ranch and sign up. Bring your  High School's Volunteer Hours form. We will sign off the volunteering form at the end of you your 20 hour requirement. Volunteering over the summer also available to be applied to your fall school requirements. 

 For Group, or Annual Work Day Opportunities please call the Ranch at 720.851.0927


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