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                " Rose"

             2000 - 2016

Sadly, Rose passed away from 

a brain tumor on Feb 20, 2016


"Mr. Pimms"


"Pimms" joined Rosie's Ranch in 2011, at the age of 27, following a very successful show jumping career with Kris Nixon of Noontide Farm.  His stately presence soon won him the title of "MR." Pimms to all whom he met. He loved everyone and there wasn't a mean bone in his body. He was our rock.  As he was hand-lead or walked independently and trotted occasionally, with even the most unstable of rider, HE DID NOT FAULTER. He taught over 100 children with and without special needs each summer, the meaning of love and trust with his steady confirmation, kind ground manners, and his huge loving deep brown eyes.  

Mr. Pimms adopted "Pachuco", our black and white Shetland pony as his companion. They were inseparable and what a "team" they made!  Pimms standing at 16 hands, 1078 pounds, an extremely handsome Appendix bay gelding and Pachuco, 10.1 hands of fur, roly-poly fun and orneriness! Drivers passing by would stop and watch them play in our front pasture.  It was an endearing sight that is engraved upon our hearts forever.

In July, 2018, due to old age colic, Mr. Pimms moved on to heavenly pastures under the loving and professional care of Dr.Ladd Squires.

We will miss you Mr. Pimms!

Thank you for inspiring children and impacting ALL of our lives forever.


Gabriel (Gabe) is an 18 year old Bay Thoroughbred gelding who stands 16.1 H tall and weighs in at 1033 pounds. "Gabe" is the tallest horse at our ranch. He belongs to Allie who is a long time friend and also a founding Board Member of Rosie’s Ranch. Gabe loooooves horse treats! He talks to everyone and will "bow" to say "Thank you!" when you give him a horse cookie.  As a former CHJA circuit hunter, Gabe now loves his stress free life. He likes children and really enjoys giving lessons to all of our riders, with and without special needs.

Hearts of Fire is a 22 year old Liver Chestnut, Morgan, mare. She came to us from an EGALA program in Elizabeth, Colorado.  Before that, she was a show horse. We call her "Hearts" for short.  The heart-shaped white star on her forehead is an instant identification marker!  She stands 15 H and weighs in at 1074 pounds. As you can tell Hearts is passionate about her hay and is not afraid to tell you when SHE thinks she needs MORE. She has an extremely friendly personality and enjoys greeting ALL the visitors to the barn. When you visit, you’ll find her in the very first stall. 

Suzie is an 11 year old Chestnut Quarter Horse mare who stands     14.3 H tall and weighs 898 pounds. She came to Rosie’s Ranch from a rider who was going off to college. Suzie and her previous owner participated the Colorado Westerners Program as a trick-riding team.  Like Gabe, Suzie likes the slower pace and the sunny days grazing on 10 acres of grassy fun! Suzie’s current owner is a long time camper, volunteer and NOW Camp Counselor at Rosie’s Ranch. Suzie also LOVES to be groomed. Like all of our horses and ponies, Suzie enjoys giving private/group lessons, helping kids learn about horsemanship, riding, horse care, and MOST of all….. listening to stories from the campers. 

Pepsi is a 14 year old, a tri-colored Pinto Quarter Horse mare. She stands 14.1 H tall and weighs 932 pounds. She has a club FR hoof but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying her turn outs or from helping children learn to ride. Pepsi’s owner, Devin, visits regularly and appreciates the excellent care Pepsi receives at Rosie’s Ranch. Many of our riders identify with Pepsi because she has had to overcome many struggles in her life. She is an inspiration for ALL.

Dallas is the cutest Palomino Welsh Pony ever!  He was donated to Rosie’s Ranch in December 2011, by a loving family. He was an integral part of another riding facility for children before he joined us. Dallas is a 20 year old gelding who stands 11.1 hands tall and is 459 pounds  of zippiness and fun! He enjoys carrots, apples and GREAT BIG hugs from campers. 

Pachuco is the Eeyore of Shetland Ponies! He was the first equine to christen the stalls of Rosie’s Ranch in 2011. He was purchased as a surprise birthday present for Mary.  "Choo-kie" is an 11 year old, 10.3 H gelding, who weighs in at 538 pounds. He LOVES to try to sneak out of his stall, if no one is watching, and head for the hay storage! We should have renamed him Houdini! 

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