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Rosie's Ranch is an accredited charity with 501(c)3 status. Donations are tax-deductible, following IRS guidelines. Donating is easy, just click below.


Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our fundraising dinner at Pasquini's of Cherry Creek on February 15th. We raised $500, which will pay for 2 scholarships for summer camp! Thanks so much Pasquini's!

National Coverage:

Rosie's Ranch was recently introduced on the national level! During the weekend of 7/22/2011, our founder Mary Stathes, promoted Rosie's Ranch to over 500 participants at the AG Bell Listening & Spoken Language Symposium in Washington, D.C. The audience included parents, professionals, and businesses - all learning the newest techniques and strategies for serving children with hearing loss.

Welcome to Rosie's Ranch, where horses inspire children with oral language challenges to listen and speak.

It is our dream and mission at  Rosie‚Äôs Ranch to provide a family centered atmosphere where children with deafness or oral language challenges will expand their listening, verbal & reading skills by engaging in activities with horses under the guidance of a highly trained and qualified staff.

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Click below to access our 2010 Tax Return

rosi2198_10n_FC.pdf rosi2198_10n_FC.pdf
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Picture by Armando, age 5. "Mrs. Stathes, this is you and your horse!"


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