Urgent News - We're Applying for a Pepsi Refresh Grant!

Subject: Please vote this May for our project to help kids!

Pepsi is giving away millions to fund great ideas.  We think our idea can win $250,000!

Starting May 15, please vote for Rosie’s Ranch, EVERY DAY, at http://www.refresheverything.com/mary-mosher-stathes-rosies-ranch.

Ask your friends to vote, too! Be sure to click the links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts provided at the voting site.

Mary Stathes, has dedicated 32 years to educating deaf/hard-of-hearing children and helping them learn to speak. She has received numerous state-wide and national awards for her work, including the 2007 Wal-Mart Teacher-of-the-Year Award.  In April 2010, Mary and her husband bought a horse ranch in Parker, Colorado, to create a therapeutic, family-centered, authentic western atmosphere where, by bonding with horses, children with deafness or other oral language hurdles can expand verbal and reading skills.  This special place is called Rosie’s Ranch.

Mary has applied for the Pepsi grant, for the money to:

·         Build an 80'x100' covered horse arena, with FM system, that will allow year-round access to therapy

·         Staff Rosie’s Ranch with certified therapists who will work with challenged children to enhance and encourage speaking

·         Provide support and training at the ranch for parents, schools, therapists, etc.

Mary’s vision includes:

·         50 families benefiting, per month, from individual or group riding lessons, weekend camp for children with cochlear implants and week-long pony camps

·         Programs at the ranch’s onsite educational center developed/delivered by certified teachers, Listening and Spoken Language Specialists® & speech pathologists

·         Special vocabulary workbooks to stimulate listening and spoken language skills

·         A scholarship program to provide access to services free of charge

·         Families who are inspired and empowered to continue language growth, even after they leave Rosie's Ranch

Rosie’s Ranch is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Starting May 15, you can vote EVERY DAY for Rosie’s Ranch at http://www.refresheverything.com/mary-mosher-stathes-rosies-ranch.  Your vote WILL make a difference!!!

Future Home of Rosie's Ranch
Future Home of Rosie's Ranch - Summer 2011

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